Anthony Wells

Stoking the Anagama wood kiln at Mendocino Art Center.

I am grateful to say I was born and raised in Mendocino. I began throwing pots in High School at Mendocino Art Center with instructor Bill Brazill. I was instantly hooked. Sports were a main focus of mine throughout my youth. By my senior year of High School I was captain of the Varsity soccer and basketball teams. Mid-soccer season I broke my leg in a car accident. No longer mobile, the potter's wheel became my outlet. I was extremely dedicated to honing my throwing skills and during this period I was quite prolific. I graduated from Chico State University in 2009, majoring in Media Arts while also studying ceramics and music. I am now a shelf renter at Mendocino Art Center and enjoy spending my time there making mostly utilitarian pottery like drums, flower pots, beer steins and large bowls.

In addition to ceramics, I also practice photography, video, graphic design, web development and music production.

Finished ceramic drums.
Greenware drums in the making.
Scorpion Teapot, salt fired
Freshly thrown salad bowl.
My shelf at Mendocino Art Center.
A batch of wood fired succulent pots.