Alison Gardner

I am a long-time local, having lived in the area since 1969. I have been potting since 1982. I was trained at College of the Redwoods, Mendo. coast branch, under Bob Zvolensky and Steve Larkin, and by fellow students Jack Sears, Marty Bird, Leslie Campbell, Nancy Milano, Ed Monson and others. I also spent a few months at the Mendocino Art Center R.O.P. pottery program under Tony Marsh. In addition, I have attended numerous workshops, and read many books and magazines.

I do primarily cone 10 functional pottery, gas reduction or wood-fired, sometimes salted. I have invented my own line of glazes, using local materials such as river silt, wood ashes, and local clays and muds, along with more commonly used feldspars, flint, etc.