Paul Maeding

Paul moved to the Mendocino coastline in the spring of 2010 to experience his lifelong desire to live by the seaside and to rekindle his creativity. The ceramics studio at the Mendocino Art Center was a significant lure to Mendocino. Paul is inspired by nature. Walking the beaches and coastal bluffs, breathing in the fresh sea air and hiking in the sublime Redwood forests brings Paul to a state of being in which he connects with the divine. Paul’s focus is allow his creativity to surface through his love of nature, especially the ocean, to guide his passions through creating art in clay.

Paul was fascinated with clay from the moment he saw a potter throwing on the wheel as a teenager. His High School ceramics teacher Marge Sivers was influential in encouraging his artistic pursuits. Creating art in clay became his passion. He set up his own ceramics studio during High School and pursued his passion. In the early 90's he briefly studied with the late Roger Lang at Metro State College of Denver. Paul taught Adult Ed classes in Jefferson County, Colo. for almost 6 years. In 1995 he moved to Washing state and worked for an Artist in Canada creating molds and producing limited edition pieces of Ceramic Art for Martin Schlissler. Paul took a break from working in clay in 1999, attended Massage school in Boulder Colo. and became a Certified Massage Therapist. Paul works as a Massage Therapist in Mendocino County and creates pottery at the Mendocino Art Center.